Friday, January 1, 2010

Farewell 2009...

I love how excited people get about the new year. All over Facebook and Twitter are excited people proclaiming their love to this new year. This year, I'm challenging myself to remain this excited about the new year ALL year. It seems like everybody hits the gym in January, determined to stick to their resolutions and shed some lbs in the process... but come February, their "go-get-it-ness" has faded into a small voice in the distance nudging them to trudge on. This year, instead of stating boldly what I WILL achieve in 2010, I'd rather look back at the past year and see what I DID achieve:
-Although one of my goals was to run a half marathon, I never did make it to the finish line... or the starting line for that matter. I decided that, while I do love running, I love running shorter distances :) I'll stick to 5 miles. I can do 5 miles, and still walk in the morning.
-I overcame so pretty huge struggles this past year, and am walking with my head a bit higher this year, and with MUCH more confidence.
-I fully recovered from a crazy-sudden back surgery. And am living life to the fullest, while not lifting anything TOO heavy :)
-I gave up Diet Soda. In fact, I gave up all fake sweeteners. If you look at some of my past posts, you'll realize just how huge of a feat this is.

This year I'm promising myself to live a little louder. I want to spark my creative side. I want to worry less and enjoy more. I want to have more fun (even though I have loads of fun ALL the time). I want to live with purpose and passion every single day.

What do YOU want to do this year?
Images by Freepik