Sunday, December 29, 2013

A New Year's Challenge.

It's almost 2014.
I love the New Year.
I love setting new goals.
I love the clean slate of a New Year.
This year, I'm setting a few goals for myself- physical goals (train for a race, get back to Cross-Fitting), educational goals (get some extra training for my job, look into going back to school), and personal goals. More than the others, I'm really excited about the personal goals I'm setting for myself, and I've decided to invite the blogging world into one particular part of these goals this year. More than a goal, it's a challenge really. And here it is:

Emily Dates Boulder:

The challenge: 
-Commit to two online dating sites for 6 months - a year. Like actively commit to them. As in checking my mail, "winking" at and messaging guys on there, replying to the ones who seem interesting, showing my friends the profile pictures of the ones who are total looney tunes. Fully. Committed.
The rules:
-Using discretion, say yes to all most of the dates I'm asked on (whether I'm asked online OR in person).
-Report back to my faithful followers with the highlights and the horror stories, as well as the juicy truth behind online dating for those who are in the same love-seeking boat I'm in.
The reason: 
I just turned 29. I'm single. I have been for over 5 years. I just moved to a brand new city in a brand new state. I'm ready to meet someone and it's time I take some responsibility for my singleness! I'm taking a huge risk by putting myself out there and dating strangers, but with great risk comes great reward, RIGHT?! 

Dating Diaries entry #1: The Do's and Don'ts of online dating- Profile edition
Two days ago, I began this crazy, horrifying and immensely hilarious process of online dating. After the tedious process of filling out my profile and answering questions, I was free to browse the profiles of other 20-somethings who are looking for love, or at least looking for a companion. Now, please hear me out, I'm not this outrageously judgemental person. I'm really not, BUT I feel like the world needs a little lesson in profile-making when it comes to online dating sites.
The Do's and Don'ts:
Don't: pick a user name like "BizKit420" or "Sinizme". It's just terrible. And it makes me laugh at you.
Don't: post a FULL BODY picture of you and your terrible tribal tattoo. It's awful. Nobody (and I really mean nobody) wants to see it. Sorry, but it's true.
Do: Check your profile for spelling and grammar mistakes. I'm certinaly not blameless when it comes to grammar mistakes, but when your profile reads "i aint got no time for none of thems..." it immediately sends a message, and not necessarily a good one.
Don't: post ONLY bathroom selfies. I mean, one is fine, but seven of them? Really? That's a little bit overboard buddy.
Do: try to be tasteful with the information you share. Nobody cares about your previous sexual experiences. Really. I do mean that. No one wants to know.

This is quite the adventure I'm on. More often than not I'm reading a message from an absolute creep with some terrible pick up line. But I guess sorting through the crazies is part of what I've signed up for. My hope and ultimate prayer is that there's a normal guy out there somewhere who loves the Lord and wants to meet a really interesting and witty girl (aka ME, duh!) and through mutual creeper-sorting we will eventually meet. I am convinced that I don't have to compromise my values and morals just to meet someone.

So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride of dates, creeps and laughs! 

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Saturday, December 7, 2013


This is my life right now. 
I'm transitioning back from a two month trip in a third-world country. 
I'm transitioning into life in a brand new town, in a brand new state. 
I'm transitioning into a new job. 
I'm transitioning into a new church, new community, new life
And, right now, transition kind of sucks
I know that with transition comes new beginnings and fresh starts and renewed promises, BUT with transition also come saying goodbye and the end of a season. 
I the familiar. 
I value being known
I value comfort
And these things aren't immediate in transition. 
These are the things that take time. There are days when I can't figure out where I belong. I can't figure out what this new season will bring. I can't figure out when I won't feel like such a mess. But there's one thing I do know- there is always hope. There is hope in this new season, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. There is hope in this new beginning, even if it's terribly painful right now. There is hope that I am known, even if by only a few, they are the ones that matter. I'm still figuring this all out, but I cling to the hope that I have, and continue to look for more. 
No season goes on forever
Transition isn't permanent.

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