Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I believe we are all uniquely broken. Some of us come from broken families or relationships. Maybe our past was broken. Maybe our brokenness is not our fault. Perhaps it was. I also believe that our brokenness, if we allow it, can become our greatest source of passion.

You see, I am completely broken. Broken for a nation, for a population of people, for a generation of children who are growing up in poverty, without food, without water, without many of their basic needs being met. I saw a glimpse into the world of an innocent child who was born with a death sentence simply because she cannot afford basic medication. I witnessed the joy of a young girl who's entire life belongings fit into a box smaller than a chapter book, yet her love was genuine and her joy was overwhelming. Her smile invited you into something greater than your circumstances. I can still hear her laughter. Sometimes I wake up and swear she is in the room with me. My heart leaps at the idea. She captivated me with her presence, her love for God, her faith, her courage, her bravery, her boldness, her love, her kindness, her faithfulness. At the young age of 13 she has faced death over and over again. She has experienced things I will never have to. She has overcome more than most. I am completely broken for this girl, and the million others like her. My heart longs to go, to do, something for her, for all of them. To change it. To make it better. I am uniquely broken. But I am positive of this: God is using my brokenness. It is not a brokenness that needs fixing. It is a brokenness that needs to remain. A brokenness that needs to fuel my passion to see and be change for my sweet Leah.

Images by Freepik