Friday, April 9, 2010

Running, running, RUNNING!

In the summer of 2008 I had back surgery. It was quite a world-stopping moment for me. At the age of 23, I felt invincible... untouchable... but when the shooting pain in my back turned out to be a herniated disk, my life came to a crashing halt. When my chiropractor told me I needed to seek a Neurosurgon consult, I was in disbelief. A week passed, and I found myself prepped and ready for surgery (the dr. I saw informed me that I would eventually lose ALL feeling in my leg, and probably mobility if I didn't proceed fairly quickly.) After a grueling 3 month recovery that consisted of MUCH bed-rest, session after session of Physical Therapy, and frustration you couldn't imagine, I was due for my last dr. appointment. After watching me walk (pain free) up and down the hallway, my dr. told me I was good to go. He informed me that I could continue with a light workout, but nothing too strenuous. I asked when I would be able to get back to running (a deep love of mine). Then, to my shock and surprise, the dr. began laughing at me. Laughing. Out loud. To my face. Laughing. He informed me that I would NEVER run again. That I was crazy to think I would ever have the strength to do so.
Here I am, almost two years later, training for my first of many half marathons. I've been able to successfully complete a 9 mile run. In your face Dr. (who will remain nameless)! I plan to run and finish my half marathon on May first. Don't laugh in my face and tell me I can't do something. I've been back-pain free the entire training process, and proud to say I'm still going strong. I'll be sure to post a picture of my successful achievement... maybe I'll even send one to said Dr. Wouldn't THAT be a laugh?!
Images by Freepik