Saturday, February 27, 2010

River Trail Etiquette

During my 7 mile run, which ended up being more like 7.7 miles, I came up with quite a clever and informative idea for a blog. I feel there needs to be a proper code, or etiquette if you will, for people utilizing the Sacramento River Trail. Here's what I came up, feel free to add to it:

1. Please don't let your dog poop on the trail. That's just gross
2. If your child is riding their bike, please don't allow them to take up the entire trail while people are trying to pass them, and just stare adoringly at them instead of moving them out of the middle of the trail. That's just kind of annoying.
3. Please don't smoke on the trail. My lungs are already working hard. They don't want your second-hand smoke in them to slow them down.
4. If you are riding a bicycle, please don't zig and zag around on both sides of the trail practically RUNNING OVER the river-trail-etiquette-abiding runners on their proper side. That's just rude.

I think I'm going to write to City of Redding and see if they'll post this on their Sacramento River Trail page... I think there's a chance!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The things I love...

In honor of Valentine's Day (even though it's long past now) I'd like to share with my faithful blog readers a few things that I love...
.I love making people laugh
.I love my crazy, head-butting, sometimes rude cat Rocky
.I love getting mail. Any kind of mail. E-mail, snail-mail, junk-mail... any of it! All of it!
.I love watching little children eat. The way their mouths work SO hard, the way their entire concentration goes directly to getting the food from their napkin to their mouth, the way silence falls in the classroom (the Toddler room in this case) when all of the children have their Goldfish crackers... except for Sof, of course. She's our humming girl :)
.I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.
.I love listening to children pray. There's such an innocence behind the prayers of children... it makes me laugh and even cry at times.
.I love writing about my day in my journal. I can be totally honest. No one will read it, my thoughts are safe there. Protected from judgment and criticism.
.I love my job
.I love my job
.I love my job - But really though, I love what I do.
.I love holding a sleeping baby
.I love the feeling I get after accomplishing my LONG runs on Saturday
.I love checking things off of my "to-do" list

I'm sure you can imagine that this list has the potential to go on, and on, and on... but I will stop here. What are some things that YOU love??
Images by Freepik