Saturday, February 27, 2010

River Trail Etiquette

During my 7 mile run, which ended up being more like 7.7 miles, I came up with quite a clever and informative idea for a blog. I feel there needs to be a proper code, or etiquette if you will, for people utilizing the Sacramento River Trail. Here's what I came up, feel free to add to it:

1. Please don't let your dog poop on the trail. That's just gross
2. If your child is riding their bike, please don't allow them to take up the entire trail while people are trying to pass them, and just stare adoringly at them instead of moving them out of the middle of the trail. That's just kind of annoying.
3. Please don't smoke on the trail. My lungs are already working hard. They don't want your second-hand smoke in them to slow them down.
4. If you are riding a bicycle, please don't zig and zag around on both sides of the trail practically RUNNING OVER the river-trail-etiquette-abiding runners on their proper side. That's just rude.

I think I'm going to write to City of Redding and see if they'll post this on their Sacramento River Trail page... I think there's a chance!!


Rosetta Borgic said...

I would also like to add this: Please wave, smile, or at least make an effort at pulling up the sides of your mouth just slightly to the people who make eye contact and say hello to you. It is likely that the mom pushing her stroller is not a serial killer. I think it should be a rule that if you are going to use the trail you need to be a tiny bit friendly at the very least.

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