Sunday, March 9, 2008


Have you ever had one of those moments when God really blows you away? Like, He totally just pin-points something in your life that you've been really struggling with? It's a feeling like no other... God blew me away tonight. For the last couple of months I've been praying for God to really change the way I see myself. I've been praying for God to help me see the beauty HE sees in me, and to forget the lies I've been told in the past, and believed for so long. I've been praying that these lies be something I believe no more. Well, tonight something remarkable happened. Tonight at the Stirring Nathan was wrapping up the seven o'clock service, and he asked everyone to stand. He had been talking about encouragement tonight, and while we were praying, he asked that God reveal to us in what ways He wants to encourage us. So Nathan asked the question, and then we were all silent, listening for God's voice, awaiting an answer. So I began to ask God how He wants to encourage ME specifically, and what word He wants to reveal to me, as a way of encouragement. Then I let the silence really surround me. I erased everything else from my mind, focusing on my question. And then the strangest thing happened... suddenly the word BEAUTY came into my brain. It was like God finally got His chance to shed some light on my self-image. I mean, I've been struggling with my self-image for a VERY long time now (over 10 years) and now God is beginning to change me... it's so crazy! It was amazing, and I don't really think I'm doing this moment in my life much justice with my blog, but I wanted to share with all of my fellow bloggers  :)  God sees beauty in me that I don't see, so perhaps I should keep on looking....


Bethany Joy Hardy said...

wow! its so great to be affirmed in something you want to be true, but aren't sure if it is.
This happened to me last year, and every year I know that God is reshaping me and changing me into who He wants me to be.
Don't give up.. keep on searching and He will reveal much more!

Erica said...

I think you are an amazingly beautiful person Emily. Not only are you a beautiful person on the outside but you are also beautiful on the inside to. You are such a warm person everyone is comfortable in your presence. I am so happy that God is revealing this to you. I see it!

Annie said...

What more can I add to what the others said? My son, Jake, thinks you are one of the most beautiful women IN THE WORLD! He's a sucker for 'older women.' But I am so thankful that you are sharing the beauty you have inside with the children....they are each enriched, encouraged, and enlightened by you. I know that you must realize the impact you have on these kids - Jake is learning and growing, and I'm so thankful for all your work with the Stirring kids!

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