Monday, January 19, 2009

Erase the Dark 2009

Erase the Dark is the Stirring's annual music, art and film festival. Last year we bought every single child at Cypress Elementary School a backpack with the proceeds. This year we're buying them shoes. I don't think some people understand how amazing this is. A pair of shoes for every child. It gets me so excited. Some of these kids have gone YEARS without a new pair of shoes. I can't wait to show up at Cypress with tons of shoe boxes, and see tons of smiles. God has given me such a burning passion for children. For the children overlooked by society. For the children without a voice. The children who are forced into poverty. I continue to hear God's voice developing this passion in me. Erase the Dark is such a tangible way for people to give back to the overlooked children in our community. I'm so excited.

Friday March 6th.
7:00 pm
It's going to be amazing.
Think of all the smiles...

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Jenna said...

i love your heart for erasing darkness in children's lives...

and i love your concern for EVERYONE who brings their kids to our sunday gatherings... you know what i'm talking about ;)

emily, you are a gifted leader.

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