Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My precious Rocky!

So I know that I complain about my cat a TON, but he's just too cute. This first picture is how he often falls asleep. Flat on his back, spread eagle, no shame. He's ridiculous. This next picture is of Rocky in one of his famous hiding spots. If there is an empty box or bag ANYWHERE in the house, you can bet Rocky is hiding out in it. He's usually rather conspicuous in these "hiding spots" but you have to give him some credit, right?!


Becky Moseley said...

That first picture looks just like my fat cat Atticus! He sleeps in the same pose, so I'll be walking through the house and find him blocking the hallway with his royal fatness. Cats are fun, aren't they? My other cat, Furious, loves to hide. Sounds like our cats could be little furry friends!

Erica said...

I love Rocky! He is the king seriously he looks large and in charge. My girls love him too. I surely hope our kitty settles down. I am hating him attacking my feet and legs 24/7.

Images by Freepik