Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Battle wounds

Here it is ladies and gentleman. I officially got to take my bandage off of my wound today. I must say, it's a bit larger than I thought it would be, but the doc did a great job of stitching that puppy up nice and neat! I go in on Monday to get the stitches removed... I hear that hurts. I'm feeling good today. I keep over-doing it, and really paying for it later in the day. Today I went shopping with my mom, and thought I was Super Woman or something... I just don't know my limitations yet. This whole thing is frustrating and new to me. I can't even lift up my water bottle. Ridiculous. I even broke the rules to take this picture. Shhhh, don't tell anybody! Ug, this whole surgery thing sure gives me a headache! I hope I at least have a sweet scar to show off to my kids one day... Ahh the joys in life :) I'll post another pic once I get the stitches out.


amycoverdale said...

so i couldn't figure this out... b/c i looked at the picture and saw a dragonfly..then when I read stitches... i saw :) hope you're doing good honey, i've been praying for ya!

Annie said...

Just sending some love! I hope you're relaxing, young lady!

Erica said...

Emily that is awesome that the doctor made the incision off of your tattoo so that it looks like a dragonfly. Way to go Doc. When I first looked at it I thought wow I need to go spend some time with Emily she is so bored she is out getting tattoos right after surgery.

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