Wednesday, April 29, 2009

today I blog

For the first time in months, I woke up today with no allergies. Amazing! I've never felt better! No itchy eyes. No itchy throat. No congestion. No cough. I felt like a new woman! I've never really had horrible allergies, but for whatever reason, this year has been agony for me.
Due to the fact that I was feeling like a million bucks, work went quickly, and fairly smoothly as well (I only got sucker-punched once by a second grader!)
After work I raced to Target to grab a few things I've needed since March... I tend to avoid that place or else I'll spend a fortune! I didn't even look at the clothes OR the shoes... I know, it's a miracle.
I think zoomed over to Becky Moseley's to drop off a gift... ended up leaving it on her doorstep, and found out later in the day that I had left it on the WRONG DOOR STEP. Good one Emily!
Met with Meg, Hannah and Jenna for our weekly Wednesday coffee day.... have we decided on a name for it yet???
Then came home and did a bit of homework.... while deciding to play hookie from school. (I know, shame shame).
Made Breakfast for Dinner... my fav
Went on a lovely run with Danielle
Saw an unreal sunset
And here is sit, with some Chamomile Mango tea, and a huge pile of homework to get done before the weekend hits. There's my day at-a-glance... did I mention that I almost fell down about 25 times on my run? I don't know what it is with me these days...
Images by Freepik