Monday, April 13, 2009


Words can't explain how bless I am. God has given me an undying passion for children, and I get to live out that passion in the most creative and exciting way. I get to oversee about 100 kids and 30 leaders in 10 classrooms at 2 gatherings on 2 campuses. I love what I do. Sure, at times it's a bit stressful, but God is ever-so faithful to me, providing me with EXACTLY what I need at the EXACT time I need it. I am on staff with 9 amazing people who I get to laugh with, cry with and drink coffee with every week. I've been given the opportunity to live out this crazy passion that I have with these incredible and talented people. I can't explain to you how lucky I am, how good God has been to me. He brought me out of the darkest time of my life, and surrounded me with these people who bring light into my life on a daily basis. I have learned so much from each of them, and they each hold a special place in my heart. Not only to I get to live this passion out with these 9 people, but with their families too, who have quickly become MY family as well. Easter is a time to remember the happiest and most victorious day of the year- Jesus is alive. He's alive in me, and today is a day to remember the victory He's had in my life and the people he's brought into my life who have helped speak words of life back into me, and encourage me, and call out the leader they see in me. I owe so much more to these people than a silly blog... but since I can't rent the Goodyear Blimp to publicly and properly thank them, this blog will have to do... for now :)
On a different note, here are some GREAT pictures of the amazing kids and leaders I get to hang with on a given Sunday. I hope ya'll had a fantastic Easter. Jesus is so alive... we Baptized 4o-something people on Sunday... Jesus is SO SO alive!


Elisa McKeown said...

Emily you are AMAZING! You are having such a profound impact on so many people's lives as well especially all these little kids!

Megan said...

Emily! I love your passion for the Stirring kids. (This is Megan btw). Anyway, without you, we wouldn't have this amazing opportunity to serve. I love you!

jenni lawler said...

We are all so blessed by you Emily. Thanks for everything you do for us leaders and all the kids. You're incredible!

Pearcia LaPointe said...

I love the pictures! how fun to just happen across the one of Elliot! Thanks for all you do with Elliot and the rest of the stirring kids. We are so blessed as parents to have you as part of the Stirring. Thank you!!!

BTW, I've started an embarrassing moment blog on my site. Go there to read my own, read others and then post yours! It's so funny!

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