Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 25

Day 25- Happy Thanksgiving! I am officially full for a month... so much delicious food. I spent the day with two families who have truly become family to me. What would Thanksgiving be without the Lances and the Gafners and all of their beautiful children? We ate amazing turkey (thanks Alyssa!) and stuffing and potatoes. Followed by pie, cake, cookies... MAN, I'm full again just thinking about it all! It was a day that opened my eyes to just how blessed I am. It's so easy to say (especially on Thanksgiving day) that we're thankful for our friends and family... but today, day 25 of this challenge, I'm thankful for these two families, and they way they've adopted me into their lives. I hope they know just how much I love them!

Here's my favorite shot from the night. This boy, he is so near and dear to my heart. Hmmm, maybe he'll be the topic of day 26. I'm off to bed now. We're hitting up the sales tomorrow. My first time EVER! I'm pretty excited :)


Anna said...

You look HOT and he looks pretty proud to be in your arms. :) Good luck tomorrow, I think you're kind of crazy for going out there in the freezing cold with all the crazy people trying to get the deals. :)

Emily Branca said...

Isn't he so sweet??! I'm jealous of his beautiful hair too :) And yes, people were NUTS out there, but it was so fun!!

rev rock said...

you are loved by the Lances!

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