Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week one

Day 7 of this challenge.
I'll be blogging every day for the month of November, and each day I will be sharing one thing I am thankful for. Today's post will be short. Although I am thankful for the extra hour of sleep I got this morning, I am NOT thankful for the way the clock's switching affects my life in various ways (really cranky babies and toddlers at our AM gatherings, the exhaustion that sets in at 8 pm because my body thinks it's 9 pm, the way I get a splitting head ache EVERY year when the clock's change...). Wait, that doesn't count as my item of thanks today. Today, what I'm thankful for is this incredibly beautiful and breath-taking city I live in. As I was out the past few afternoons, I snapped a couple of pictures... they only capture a sliver of Redding's beauty. I mean, the colors on the trees that line my neighborhood are enough to stop traffic. The mountains that surround our busy city should be gazed at DAILY. The clouds today, did everyone see the clouds today? They were unreal... The sharpness of the evergreens against the crystal blue sky... boy-oh-boy, I am thankful I get to live in this gorgeous city. Take a minute tomorrow to notice the beauty that surrounds you.


John Thomas said...

I must say, Redding is a beautiful city. I miss it dearly. But what I miss the most is not the sites or the buildings or even the water ways. It's the people that make the city soo beautiful to me. The intense love towards everyone and the want to help in any way possible. THe Love that started from the One and only.

Thanks Emily and all the rest from TheStirring

Anna said...

Those are great picture! I love the rainbow one. :)

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