Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm allergic to Redding.

It's allergy season. For me this means:
-mouth breathing
-itchy throat
-itchy eyes
-itchy nose
-absolutely NO breathing out of my nose
-tearing through a box of Puffs Plus Aloe in less than a day
-constant runny nostril (just one. just the left nostril. strangest thing ever.)
-blood-shot eyes (from the itching/coughing/itching)
-using my inhaler every night (yep, allergies triggers asthma. Amazing.)
-washing my bedding every week (they say the pollen gets in your hair and then in your sheets... I'll do just about anything for relief!)
-not really enjoying food (can't breath while I'm eating, and can't taste anything.)
-sounding sick 24/7. Don't worry folks, it's allergies. Not the Bubonic plague.

Pretty much, I'm miserable from April - August. I should probably just go see a Doctor to get REAL allergy meds, but instead I just pump myself full of Zyrtec D and try my best to not mouth breath all over my friends.
And I remind myself, it's only seasonal. It's only seasonal. It's only seasonal. Some people live with this stuff their entire LIVES! Now that's a bummer. I can get through a few months. Also, it makes me thankful for the days when I can actually breathe through my nose and taste food and make my "m's" sound like "m's" and my "n's" sound like "n's".

SO there you have it. I'm not even sure what exactly I'm allergic to... so I like to say I'm allergic to Redding.

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Littau family said...

My mom gets the kenalog shot every year and it's amazing. She went from the same symptoms you had to nothing. She gets it a few weeks before her typical allergy season starts and is fine. And the nice part is, it's a one time deal.

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