Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gratitude challenge: Dreaming

Gratitude challenge:
Do one thing each week that makes you happy AND do one thing each week that makes someone else happy.

My previous post talks more about this challenge. I've found that it's more difficult for me to do something intentional that brings me joy than it is for me to something for someone else. Am I making any sense?

I LOVE buying someone flowers, or sending them a card, or spending time with them. But when it comes to showing myself love, it can be a bit harder. Anybody with me?

So, this week, I began to dream again. It made me so happy. I started dreaming about going back to Africa. It made me SO, SO happy. I allowed myself to dream and wish and ask for more. I was timid at first, in fear that nothing would come of it. What if I dream these big dreams, and nothing happens? What if I get my hopes up, and I'm terribly disappointed? But I felt God reply with "What if you're NOT disappointed? What if something really amazing happens? What if...?" To which, I immediately broke down crying. God is so much bigger than my fears. He just understands me.

So, this week, I began to dream. And it made me so happy. I feel like my sails have been filled with wind again. Bring on the dreams.

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