Sunday, April 27, 2008

"The Hill"

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with "The Hill" (or at least that's what I like to call it). It's th
e part of the Sacramento River Trail that leads up to Hilltop. It's a GNARLY hill. Half a mile of steep uphill, but a gorgeous view at the top. Well, for the last two days I am proud to say that I've included "The Hill" in my exercise routine.
I run:
  • from my house to the hill (.7 miles)
  • down the hill (.5 miles)
  • up the hill (.5 miles)
  • back to my house (.7 miles)
  • That's a total of 2.4 miles.
I'm not going to sugar coat this for you guys, it's a pretty grueling workout for me. I know there are some of you out there who are laughing at me because you could run this twice, and not break a sweat. Not me. By the end of my lovely workout, I am drenched in sweat, and feeling quite proud of myself! I ran the entire hill for the past two days. This is kind of a big deal for me because normally I walk the hill... but lately I've been pretty inspired to turn up my workout.... although I'm legs are on FIRE by the time I'm at the top, I feel accomplished and powerful. Maybe next week I'll run "The Hill" twice... we'll see. If anybody ever wants to join me on "the hill" I would love the company. Running is always better with a partner. 


amycoverdale said...

emily..i know the hill. oh yes I know the hill. i hate that hill with a passion but it's such a damn good workout-you can't really bypass it. I haven't done it in FORever...let alone worked out. i need to get my lazy butt in gear. when do you normally go? i might just join you..but only if you promise not to laugh if I walk the hill:).... as soon as i move, we'll get our veggies growing!:) what are you doing saturday? wanna help us move:)

hannahrae said...

When I was in the 5th grade I used to scoot the hill! Now that is living!

I would love to run the hill with you! I am so out of shape and I am a horrible runner, but I seriously need to start doing something!

Anna said...

Wow Emily, I'm impressed! I hate that hill, it kicked my arse the last time I did it! Way to go! :)

Emily Faulknor Photography said...

Way to go Em, that is a very hard hill to master! When do you usually go. I hate running, but going up hill and down hill would be better than just running straight and I actually might consider it. :) Thanks for your sweet comment and encouraging words. You are so delightful!

Candace said...

Dang, Emily! That is some hard work right there. That hill is hard core! Way to go. We should run together some time

Meghan said...

i think marley hated the hill more than we did! it WAS a great workout and i'm up for it whenever! thanks for getting me out there sweating. you are truly an inspiration!

Erica said...

Amazing, I am impressed. The closest I get to the hill is glancing at it as I drive by.

Keith said...

I walk with a horrible limp.... I have been blogging with many friends overseas. It is spooky to see blogs where the pictures are from my town. Yikes. I am so used to blogs in Visayan with people who may have heartd of California... Fun posts.

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