Sunday, April 6, 2008

The many faces of Rocky

So, this is my cat. He's a nut. I wrote about him in a much earlier post, but felt the need to post a few more pictures of his cute face. Erica, I hope your girls get a good laugh out of these pictures. My personal favorite is the one with him in the sink. He'll sleep in there for hours... crazy guy. Enjoy the pictures. I'm off to take a nap!


Erica said...

Ava says, "AWWWWW, Rocky is sooo cute. I love him. Is he a water cat? I was wondering."
Love Ava

Sarah said...

I'm sorry that I rag on your nasty cat all the time...I don't even know him...but I'm glad your connection with Rocky isn't super if you did get rid of him....he may still love you:)
love you friend...hope your week is going well.

Annie said...

Rocky rocks! My Scruffers sits in the sink like that, too. Just cracks me up.

Images by Freepik