Thursday, November 6, 2008

Confession #6

I feel like I'm either confessing my many crazy secrets, or ranting about win-co.... hmm...well, with my last confession ya'll learned about my fear of feet. It's true, I hate feet. They are clammy, smelly, dirty, and just all around NASTY. Well, this next confession is even stranger (if you can imagine) than my fear of feet. It is something that absolutely drives me crazy to no end. Confession #6: I have an outright hatred for wreaths/bows on vehicles. AHHHHH, even thinking about it drives me crazy. The season is upon us where people find it necessary to decorate their cars with ANNOYING wreaths and bows. I can't really explain to you why I have such a dislike for these particular items. It's not like stickers on cars bother me, or wreaths on doors... It's just the combination of wreaths and cars... it makes me angry. Like the I-want-to-rip-them-off-of-cars-and-burn-them kind of angry. I am NOT a violent person, but seeing a big red fluffy bow on a car can drive me to think some pretty violent thoughts. Sometimes I imagine walking through a parking lot in mid December and collecting all of the wreaths and bows I can find on the cars (usually they are on SUVs.... can't imagine why...) and throwing them in the river! Of all the things I dislike (feet, trains, windshield wipers, people who talk during movies) this one takes the cake. If you are reading this blog, and are the owner of a car-wreath or car-bow, please do not take offense. I understand that people have the right to decorate their car in ridiculously festive Holiday ornamentation. So embrace this right, but please understand that I cannot be held responsible for what I do when I see these JOLLY trimmings on your JOLLY car... you must remember: THE WREATH MADE ME DO IT!!


Juliette said...

You're funny! I guess wreaths on cars are strange. Now I'm just glad I'm not one of the people who does that. I do like to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving though - I know, terrible right?

Pearcia LaPointe said...

What a fantastic insight to you! :) I love it! I hate bumper stickers that are partially torn off... like the person cared only enough to take part of the thing off and then got distracted by a shiny quarter on the ground. Good grief!
Anyways, just wanted to remind you about the prayer calender for the kids/moms. You can get back to my on my blog. Good luck resisting the wreaths this year!

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