Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Funday!

So, today is Monday. I am always super tired on Mondays. My legs are always super sore too... probably from being on them ALL day Sunday... hmmm. Well, I feel quite accomplished today. I got some homework done, I scrubbed my bathroom, I did 3 loads of laundry, I cleaned Rocky's kittybox (yuck, I know), I vacuumed, and I even got a phone call for an interview with the Enterprise School District for an Instructional Assistant job. So exciting!! It's on Wednesday at 10:20, so be praying for me! Family dinner last night was out of control. We played about 7 games of Mafia... so much fun. Danielle made some amazing tacos, and Sarah blessed us with her delicious salsa. Good night. Good friends.

So, thanks to Hannah, I made this fun little picture.


hannahrae said...

you are welcome!

and i'm so excited for you about the interview!!! i will definitely be praying!!!!

Sarah said...

Good job proud of you..and yay an interview! so exciting!

and yeah thanks for last time me and you have to be mafia..had I made it past round 2 in any of those rounds I think you and I would have been fabulous!'re great!

KalynRebecca said...

hey, how was the interview? and how've you been lately?

Annie said...

I'll be praying, too! Sounds like you had a great day. By the way, I tagged you over on my blog!

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