Monday, November 17, 2008

Family Dinner

Evey Sunday night, around 9:30, my house is full of delicious aromas, and a ton of laughter. You walk in the door to a pile of shoes, and a warm "hello!". Each week, the menu is different. Two weeks ago it was a huge pot of spaghetti, and an oven full of garlic bread. Last week we enjoyed tacos and Sarah's AMAZING salsa. This week, Danielle made us some seriously delicious taco soup, and cornbread. Regardless of the dish, it's always so tasty! After we're all stuffed, the REAL fun begins. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the game Mafia, but it's become a tradition at Family Dinner. When we've all finished eating, it's Mafia time. Last night, we played until midnight, and if we could have kept our eyes open any longer, I'm sure we would have continued! People let their true colors shine when playing Mafia. You see who's a good liar (SARAH!) and who's a horrible liar (ME!!). Alliances form, and alliances are broken. Family Dinner is probably the highlight of my week. I seriously look forward to it, and find myself sad when all the shoes by the door are gone. I love the friendships that are forming from this weekly tradition. Everybody is invited, so please, stop by for some tuna casserole (next week's main dish). Bring some salad, or a plate of homemade cookies and get ready for a few intense games of Mafia! See you Sunday!!


Sarah said...

that's right I'm a good liar...pure luck that those sheriffs got me first...LOVE that game..haha

Emily Faulknor Photography said...

I love this! You gals are awesome.

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