Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeling thankful today

Since my "Gratitude Challenge" has ended, I've found myself overwhelmed with thanks, and anxious to share it! Today, I'm very thankful. Thankful for friends who have shared in this journey with me, all of the journey (even the unbelievably hard parts) and who are MORE overjoyed than I am to celebrate what God's brought me through. Thankful for the people God brought alongside me during the times that seem unbearable, who cheered me on when I was just SURE I couldn't go through another day. Today, I was able to sit with a dear friend and celebrate the progress and the way God's used the past season of my life. At one point, we both fought back the tears, talking about how faithful and GOOD God has been to me... talking about how, only months ago, I was in such a different, much more painful place. We were able to rejoice together, and I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for who this woman has been to me through all of this pain and all of the struggles. She's held my hand, prayed countless prayers for me, cried with me, laughed with me, cried some MORE with me, told me "it won't be this bad forever"countless times. Today I am thankful for tears of excitement, joy and thanks instead of tears of pain, grief and heartache. Thankful for moments where all is right in life. Thankful for the aligning of my mind and my heart. Thankful for my friend Alyssa and the way the Lord has used her in my life. Today is a good day. I'm full of hope. And thanks. And pumpkin scones :)

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Sarah said...

this post of course brought me to heart is full for you friend..that you have come this far...I know this particular kind of thankfulness and it is a wonderful thing. Proud of you. love you. miss you.

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