Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunday: Part II

My last post talked about Nate's message from Sunday. I talked about how, sometimes, we need to be reminded that God sees something in us that we don't see. That he knows we can get through all of the turmoil and pain and discouragement and healing and struggling because he's the one that chose us.
Another part of Nate's message focused on WHO God chooses. Nate said it best: "He chooses nobodies from nowhere."
He chose a girl from a Non-Christian home
Who didn't know him at all
Who made way too many mistakes
Who struggled and stumbled and fell
Many times
Too many times
Who had a very messy past
Who had never been to church or Sunday School or Bible Study
Who didn't (and doesn't) know all of the fancy "Church Lingo"
Who had been hurt
Who had a passion and a calling but didn't realize it
Who said "yes" in a moment, and everything changed.

God chose me. I'm not sure why. I didn't fit the bill. I was all wrong. From the wrong family, the wrong town, the wrong past. But He chose me. He saw something in me. And I said yes to him. My yes meant so many things for me. Hard things. Painful things. Sad things. Amazing things. Powerful things... but I'll leave that for tomorrow's post.

I have to share a "blooper" from today's Christmas Card photo shoot with y'all.

Yep, that's Rocky attacking me. Sweet thing.


Shelby said...

YES!!! Thanks for sharing the blooper.

Anna said...

You are amazing Emily. It's kind of funny to hear you say that you were from all the "wrong" things because it's so obvious that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now! It's funny how the "wrong" things become all the right places when God is in control of our lives! And btw I love the blooper! Looks like he's taking a chunk out of your hand!!!

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