Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's official

I have a cold. Not like a little, baby cold. This is the real deal. I've become a mouth breather. Gross. My lips are chapped beyond repair due to the inability to breath out of my nose. My nose hurts from excessive blowing. I walked around church this morning in a bit of a haze. The NyQuil hadn't quite worn off, and the DayQuil hadn't kicked in yet. So I wandered about, not making much sense when talking to people. If you saw me today, and I appeared to be in a different universe, I apologize. I blame the cold meds :) I'll tell you what though, having a cold makes you thankful for a few things. Such as:
-Puffs plus aloe and lotion. Those tissues are luxurious to my poor nose
-Travel-sized puffs plus. Yep, they make them. And I have them. It's a good day
-NyQuil and DayQuil (but mostly NyQuil)

I'm hoping this sickness passes. It's turned my brain to mush! I couldn't hold a conversation with ANYONE. And I sure couldn't remember anything I needed to ask anyone. Bummer. Here's to hoping I don't get Jury Duty on top of my nasty cold...


stuckinmypedals said...

Take it easy and get well soon, mouth breather! ;)

Anna said...

That's the kind of sick I always get every year. I think it's the worse! Not being able to breath makes it so I can't sleep, not sleeping makes me stay sick... it's an ugly cycle! I hope you feel better soon!!!

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