Tuesday, March 15, 2011

33 days to go.

I really miss music in my car.
On Sunday, I got to listen to music all day long while I was driving around (lent can be broken on the Sabbath... it's the rules). It was magical. I really miss my music. Sometimes, I hate being left alone with my own thoughts. Ugh, only 33 days to go.


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

You can do it Emily! I have been coffee free for 7 days and with the time change, I am SO tired! Gah! We can do this!

Emily Branca said...

Girl, if YOU can give up coffee, ANYTHING is possible!!!

Anna said...

I've given up music twice now for Vox Dei! It's so hard to be alone with your thoughts but it's good to do once in a while. :)


Annie said...

I gave up tea for lent, and I drank six cups yesterday to get my fill for another week. Thank goodness for Sundays!

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