Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conference take away:

Yesterday wrapped up Risen King's Kingdom Healing conference. What an incredible time with incredible leaders. Not only did I learn oodles of information, I also experienced God in a whole new way... more on that later :)
A few of my MAIN take-aways from the conference:
-Wanda Walborn asked this question, "Where do you go when you're desperate?" It wrecked me. I turn to a number of things in my desperation.
A number of unhealthy, destructive, painful things...
Why is it that I don't turn to Jesus first?
In the most desperate, awful times, I want the FIRST place I turn to be the face of my Father.
-Ron Walborn asked this question, "What flows out of your wounds?" Ron framed this talk around the fact that healing flows out of Jesus' wounds. I took a long, hard look at my wounds. What does flow out of them? Is it pain?
or fear?
or bitterness?
or sadness?
I want healing to flow from my wounds.
I want to show others the healing that Jesus has done in my life through my wounds.
I want to use my wounds to bring others to Jesus... to show them that even in the WORST pain, He heals us.
I want to be honest about my wounds. Jesus REFUSED to hide his wounds. Why, as followers of Jesus, do we so often hide ours? We cover them up in whatever way we can, and pretend they don't exist. Ron said this, and I've heard it countless times from Dan... "It's okay to not be okay!"
If we don't choose into honesty with our wounds, we choose into denial, which leads to bitterness and anger... is that what we want flowing out of our wounds?
-Bill Randall brought a word on forgiveness that ROCKED me. Like really, really, REALLY rocked me. God did some incredible stuff in me through this message... I've got a whole entire separate blog in the works for this particular message. Keep an eye out :)

I walked away from this conference viewing healing in a brand new way. God truly increased my faith through the things that I learned and over the past few days.

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