Saturday, March 5, 2011


Last week was a hard week. I had a few days where I was really struggling. I got super down. Super bummed. I couldn't see past my struggles. I got so frustrated because I really thought I was on the other side of all of this. I really thought I had overcome this junk. I was starting to feel like there was no hope....
But then a friend (a few friends actually) reminded me of something: this is a season of celebration.
I get to celebrate because the struggles are few and far between, not every day like they used to be.
I get to celebrate because what was once something that occupied my EVERY THOUGHT, is now easily tossed aside and overcome.
I get to celebrate because Jesus has set me free.
And yes, there might be moments that are harder than others, but I get to celebrate because I have new life.
I get to celebrate because I've worked hard to get to where I am.
I get to celebrate because I've made a TON of progress.

Sometimes we need a little perspective.
Sometimes we need friends to remind us that we've come really far, and that there might be hard days, but those hard days are the exception now. Not the norm.
Sometimes we need to CHOOSE to celebrate in the face of discouragement and frustration.

So, my question for you is this: Are you choosing to celebrate today? Even though you may feel frustrated and overwhelmed by how impossible your situation is? You've got to be able to see the things in life that are worthy of celebration.

I'm thankful that this is a season of celebration.

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stuckinmypedals said...

Hi, Emily. I was listening to music by The Robbie Seay Band this morning. If you don't know this band, get to iTunes like yesterday and download Run These Feet. I tried to find a video link to post here, but because it's a song from their very first album, there's nothing out there. I thought of you and this post so many times while listening to it. While you're there, download Good Reason because it's all about celebrating. You might also like New Day for that same reason.

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