Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For some reason today I just feel "yuck" and kind of out of it. I took a test in my Science class today, and I went out of it feeling fairly confident, however after talking with some friends who also took the test, I think I just might have failed it. On top of that, I started looking at some pictures from high school (I've been graduated 4 years) and realized that I was about 20 pounds lighter then.... It's depressing! 

Maybe it's just one of those days. Let's hope so! I want to feel better about myself... 
Step 1: JOIN A GYM
Step 2: DIET PLAN (weight watchers?)

So which gym do i join? There are two close to where I live, so I was thinking about looking into those. But can I afford it? Is God testing me? I will have to pray about it. I'm just BLAH today. Plus, I have a TON of homework to get done. So so so so so so lame. I'm over school. 

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