Sunday, December 16, 2007


Church was fantastic tonight. I spoke in front of everybody for the second service. I was super super nervous before I got up there, but once I was there, my nerves were calm! God is good.  Dan Lance spoke tonight... He was great. He talked about pouring into each other... it's a brilliant idea, isn't it? Just the thought that not only do the poor and sick need us, we need each other. 

I have finals tomorrow. I'm waking up really early to go study. I've been ridiculously calm about my finals all weekend long. The closer it gets, the less I worry. I guess it's like this: I'll study tomorrow, but after that, I can't do a whole lot about! I have one final each day of the week up until thursday. Then, I go home friday which is exciting! I get to see my momma. YAY. The only bad thing, is I have to work Tuesday, and I'm kinda sad because it's my last Lifegroup meeting.... I love my group. I worried that if I leave my group, my "leaderness" will just vanish... I don't know. Well, I'm tired, and I need to get some sleep. Today was a great day. I just feel amazing. Thank you God, it's all because of you. 

P.S. The Myriad won! YAYAYAYAYA!! Can you believe it? The last winners were Taking Back Sunday and some other amazingly famous band. YESSSSS. okay, goodnight and lots of love
xoxo Em

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