Monday, February 25, 2008


School's overwhelming. My online class is a NIGHTMARE. I study so hard for it, and do so horribly in it. Has anybody ever taken an online class? What's the trick? Ug, well I stink at school this semester. I'm usually a really good student, but this time around, I'm just not cutting it. I don't sleep enough because I'm up late doing homework, but it just seems never ending!! 

OKAY, the Stirring Kids, they're amazing. We had such a good turn out tonight! We had 9 kids in the 1st-3rd grade classroom (4 of which were girls!!! That never happens!!!) I was a bit worried going into it because each class had about 9 kids and two of the teachers were out for the night sick, but everything worked out just fine! Another volunteer showed up, and was able to step into the classroom to help. These kids are so awesome.  My favorite part of the night is our time or worship with the kids. Just watching them dance and sing, praising the Lord is so great. 
So tonight, I was holding down the fort, trying to keep kids and parents out of the rain while keeping order at the sign-in table, when a woman I'd never seen before walked up with her son and daughter. She began asking me questions about our lesson tonight, wondering what we did, when we did it, did we have snack, what class were they in. I mean, lots of questions! I answered each one, with a warm, welcoming smile (of course!) I started to explain the sign-in process to her, when she asked me to give her and her kids a second to talk. I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but by the body language of her daughter, I could tell this wasn't going to be pretty. Once both kids had joined the other children playing some fun board games (boo for the rain!) the mom pulled me aside to explain: The mother told me that she hadn't been to church in about 3 months because her children just never felt safe or had fun at any of the child watch programs. I let her know that we tend to have a LOT of fun in our classroom, and not to worry about anything. Now, to make a long story short, that same mother came to pick up her son and daughter at the end of the service, and to her shock, neither one of them wanted to leave! The mother turned to me, about in tears, and said that she gets to come back next week because her kids will want to come back. It was one of those nights that makes me LOVE doing what I do. I can't wait to see those two next week. I'm stoked at what God's doing with these kids, and in my life alike!
Ug, I'm tired and going to sleep. 

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Sarah said...

How encouraging for you and how totally awesome God is!. You are awesome at what you do my with those lil you girl..
ps..start your cleanse yet?:)

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