Wednesday, February 20, 2008


YEP! This is me with my Anthropology midterm THAT I GOT A 98% on! HECK YES! My professor, he's hilarious. I have my anthropology class from 7-10 p.m. It's basically torture, but Dr. Tate (he insists we call him James) is such an awesome professor, the time seriously flies by. I actually look forward to going to his class! So we got our tests back today in class, and when he hands mine to me, he folds it in half so that nobody near me can see my score, and tells me "Um, Miss Branca, I need to see you after class... I'm really disappointed with your score!"
When I open it up?? Oh yeah, I got an A. He was cracking up at the expression on my face. I mean, this guy is just great. I wish ALL of my professors had the attitude he does... maybe I can invite my Geography professor to one of my Anthro classes to give her a taste of what GOOD teaching is....

Okay, well I have to go get some homework done. Praise the Lord for my good score! He's been so good to me this past week. 

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