Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Okay, so it's 1:45 in the morning, and I should be sleeping, but I can't. "Emily, why can't you sleep at 1:45 in the morning?!" you ask in alarm.... The answer? Because my back is in so much pain that I can hardly sit without wanting to scream out. It started this morning when I woke up. My body is so predictable. I can feel the pain approaching, and I know exactly how it will advance. It started with a tiny little pinch in my lower back, but throughout the day it turned into this gnarly, painful, swollen knot in my lower back. The only answer? Dr. Frank. He is my only hope! This man, Dr. Frank, is the MAN! He's my chiropractor, and I am going to see him FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING! My favorite thing about Dr. Frank is the fact that I can walk into his office without an appointment, anytime, any day, and he will fit me in within about 5 minutes. Dr. Frank is going to be my new favorite person tomorrow!!! Pray for my back. 

And one more thing, this week is going to be FANTASTIC because my long lost friend is coming to visit me.... okay, well she's not just coming to see me, maybe her family lives here too, and her husband's family too, but I'd like to think that I have something to do with her trip home  :) I miss her a TON, and really need her friendship right now. Kayla Platt is one amazing woman, and I can't wait to spend some good, quality time with her. 

Okay, perhaps I'll try sleeping now... maybe if I take some Tylenol PM it will help... 

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Erica said...

I feel your pain. I threw my back out , when taking my kids to Gymnastics open gym. I can barely move and Ava is trying to rub my back to help but it feels like a wood pecker on my back bone. How do you tell your sweet loving daughter that she is making things worse.

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