Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 3

I'm only a few views away from 7,000. So fun! I know, I know, to some that may seem like a VERY LOW number of views, but for little ole me it is a big deal!

Anyway, I was so excited about my Gratitude post today. Throughout the day, I've been scribbling down a few things here and there that I'm thankful for.
My list was pretty long.
I was so excited to share it with all of you.
Funny thing about it is.... I left it at work.
But here's what I remember:
-Pilot 27G pens (or is it G27...?)
-Sharpies (especially brightly colored ones!)
-Colored copy paper (my favorite part of the week is when I get to pick the two colors that the Stirring Kids sign-in sheets are printed on. Oooooh boy, I look forward to it every week!)
-Sticky notes (second time I've listed them... they deserve a spot on EVERY day's list!!!)
-New lotion and body wash (I have an entire drawer dedicated solely to my Bath & Body Works lotion and body wash... sad but true).
-My many quirks (I shared one earlier... more to come. Don't you worry!)

I have no idea where this love for office supplies came from, but ask my mom. She'll tell you I've always loved it. When I was good (which was VERY often) I'm pretty sure she'd reward me by taking me to the local Staples (Arcata doesn't have an Office Depot, okay?!) and let me pick something out. I'd usually go with a new pen, or a pack of sticky notes. Sometimes I'd get a new folder or a Sharpie to add to my collection. What 7 year-old has a Sharpie collection? Most 7 year-old girls collect Polly Pockets! Not me. I stuck with the office supplies. So great.
Clearly, these guys share my passion for Sharpies. Love the picture!


Nicole said...

I am totally with you. For me it's Pilot G2 (the .38) and Sharpie Fine Point pens, both in black. Definitely love!

stuckinmypedals said...

I'm all about the clicky top Sharpies and the big sticky notes with lines. They are the two office supply items I absolutely can't live without in the classroom. I love office supplies!

Kiera said...

if you are thankful for paper clips you need to watch the movie 'Paper Clips' it's a documentary and it's wonderful...and you'll like paper clips even more, you might star wearing one...just saying...
oh, and it's on netflix....

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