Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 5

Today, I'm overwhelmingly thankful for my Life Group. Only the second week, and already God is moving. I thought to myself tonight, THIS is what community is all about! Opening up your home, eating dinner together, praying together, laughing together, crying together, sharing struggles and pains and wounds, but also sharing joy and encouragement.
My favorite part of the group is the way we begin: We share our "highs and lows." We go around the room and everyone shares their high for the week and their low. It's beautiful to hear the hearts of these amazing women, as they share their low with their eyes brimming with tears. And in the same breath, we get to celebrate their most joyful moment of the week.
This really is what it's all about. Living life together. Reminding each other of the CONFIDENT HOPE we have in our Savior.
Tonight, I was reminded why we sometimes go through the crap we do: it's so that we can be a glimmer of hope to another woman who's heart is hurting and lonely and wounded and broken and who feels like she can't possibly go on one more day.
I've gone through the incredibly hard and horrible things I have so that I can be a face of someone who lived through it. A reminder that this is only a season. We can trust in our Father to redeem those broken places.
My heart is full of hope tonight. Hope for the women in my Life Group. Hope for my own life and story as God continues to shape it. And my confident hope in Jesus.

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stuckinmypedals said...

Reminds me of Psalm 34:18. "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit." Sometimes we need that nearness to have a human face. So glad you can appreciate that God is using your's.

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