Monday, January 31, 2011

We are Family....

Today I:

And a few other things too.

It was a great day.

I spent a good portion of my day at Starbucks reading, journaling, praying, reflecting... Jim Botts brought a great word yesterday at the Stirring. All about Family. The main idea was that, when God becomes your Father, God's family becomes your family. He talked about how we need to embrace family and community in it's fullness and realness... AKA it's messiness! But the truth of it is, we need each other. We need the health of our family when we are in need of healing. When we are damaged and hurting, we need the health of our family to guide us and keep us alive. The same goes for other members of the family. When others are lost and hurting, they need us to come along side them and help them! We can't do this alone!

I was reminded last night of the amazing family I have at the Stirring.
The men and women who have come along side me over the past few years, ESPECIALLY over the past several months have changed me forever.
The importance of family is evident in my life.
I would NOT be where I am today if I went at it alone.
This is one of the hardest topics for me. Family. For a lot of reasons, but I'll save that for another day.

Family is what got me through.
Family and God :)
I'm in. 100%. Sold out. This is my family.

Today, I am thankful for family.
And sunshine.

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Anna said...

1st of all I love the picture you used for this, so cool.
2nd I think Jim's message was a good reminder for all of us. We all need to be reminded that those around us every Sunday are our family. I thought it was a great word!

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