Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Germs be GONE!!

Air Born + Zicam + vitamin C + Emergen-C + Neti-Pot = My recipe for health. Both of my roommates have been sick, my entire Life Group was coughing and sneezing last night, and I work with children... I suppose the odds of staying healthy are stacked against me. However, I am determined to beat this thing. So, I will be guzzling vitamins by the handful, and Neti-Potting like a mad woman. To top it off, I wash my hands 100+ times a day (that's the trick people!). I have also been known to Lysol an entire house a time or two... Germs, be warned! Your life will be short-lived!


Annie said...

Vitamin D3. No kidding....we don't get enough of it, and it totally boosts the immune system. That's why we get way more sick in the winter - not as much sunshine so our bodies can make D3.

Vanea said...

Grape seed and oil of oregano! They will cure any cold coming on!

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