Thursday, February 24, 2011

I heart Chuck.

There are many things I look forward to in my day:
-My morning coffee
-Waking up to my sleeping cat right next to me
-My Tuesday/Thursday runs with the girls
-Cracking open my Bible at one of many favorite coffee shops
-Checking the mail (strange but true)
-Slipping my feet into my favorite slippers upon arriving home
The list could go on and on.
My days are full of wonderful things! But there is one thing that I REALLY look forward to.... Something that gets a true, genuine, crazy laugh out of me every time. Something that I can't even share without cracking up... Yep, I'm talking about my Chuck Norris widget. All I have to do is drag my cursor to the left corner of my MacBook screen, and PRESTO! A new, hilarious, amazing fact about Chuck Norris.

Here's the latest: If Chuck Norris round-house kicks you, you will die. If Chuck Norris misses you with the round-house kick, the wind behind the kick will tear out your pancreas.

I love it.
Possibly my MOST favorite part of my day.
I'm pretty sure everybody needs a Chuck Norris widget... It's the greatest thing out there. It brings laughter to all! Just ask the people in the office with me... they LOVE it :)

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stuckinmypedals said...

We have a friend who hosts an annual Christmas cookie painting party. This involves painting frosted sugar cookies with teensy brushes dipped in food coloring. Several years ago Terry and I were crazy into Chuck and at the time our favorite Chuck Norrisism was that Chuck Norris brought the Christ child the gift of beard. Anyway, at the cookie painting party, Terry created Chuck Norris the Cookie, complete with beard and round house kick action leg. Best Christmas cookie ever.

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