Thursday, February 10, 2011

The humanly impossible...

Last week at our All Staff meeting, Dan presented us with a few great questions.
Questions meant to get us thinking about the year ahead of us.
Questions meant to stay with us, not easily answered, not easily forgotten.
I've been sitting with these questions since last week's meeting, and one continues to haunt me.
It brings me to tears every time.
Pinching a nerve in me that maybe isn't ready to be pinched.
Opening my eyes to a reality I'm not yet ready to face.
The question is this: What is one humanly impossible thing you're praying for God to do this year.
My answer is complicated.
Isn't it always?
There are so many humanly impossible things I want God to do this year.
To do right NOW.
But only one thing brings me to tears every time with is impossibility.
Because, you see, this is something that's been around my whole life.
Something that's become part of me. Part of my life. Part of my family.
So it seems absolutely humanly impossible for this thing to be gone.
Here's the complicated part; What if I pray and pray and pray for God to do this impossible thing, and I pray with CONFIDENCE that He WILL do it... and it doesn't happen?
That's my fear.
But I know that the Father does not give us a spirit of fear. So, I boldly approach this massive prayer with confidence every day.
Every. Single. Day.

So, I say with confidence that I believe this is the year that alcoholism will plague my family no more. This is the year that God will bring healing and restoration. This is the year for humanly impossible things to happen.

What are YOU praying for this year? I hope you approach yours with confidence...


Juliette said...

oh my word. that is so good. such a great reminder. What a great question! And I will join in your prayer for your family. Freedom from alcoholism!

Rebecca said...
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Becky Moseley said...

You got me thinking about my own prayers for the impossible. Thanks, Em, for the reminder that it can be scary, but is still so important to take before the Lord. Here's to no alcoholism in your family, and no more autism in mine.

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