Thursday, February 17, 2011

A week of gifts!

This has been the week of gifts.
First, Jess and I surprised a friend with a Valentine's Day gift on his truck tire.

He publicly claimed to "hate" Valentine's Day. He had reason after reason to support his stance, but Jess and I were determined to turn him into a love-loving individual :)
The next day, a package arrives on my desk with this lovely bag in it.

If you know me, you know I'm a lover of bags. And a HUGE lover of birds. And a HUGER lover of love... so this bag with "love birds" on it made my heart the happiest ever.
I was feeling so incredibly loved and thought of. I mean, someone had taken the time to order me something that they KNEW I would adore. It couldn't get much better than that... until today. I was out and about, all morning and afternoon in meeting after meeting. I returned to the office to find a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of white flowers on my desk.

The card on it said there was no message or sender information available. So, of course, I grill Meg and Amy about who it was... either they're great liars, or they really don't know who sent them.
As much as it kills me to not know who sent me the beautiful flowers, the mystery behind it is kind of fun :)
So, whoever you are, thank you for making me feel thought of and extremely loved. You brought many, MANY smiles to my face today.
Isn't that the wonderful thing about thoughtfulness and generosity? It always seems to come back around... and usually in bigger and better portions.
Today, I'm thankful for secret admirers and thoughtful friends :)

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