Monday, February 21, 2011


We all have mountains in our lives.
Whether it's the loss of a loved one,
or divorce,
or our job,
or an addiction,
or the stress of parenthood,
or abuse,
or heartbreak,
or assault,
or a past relationship,
or forgiving someone who's wronged you...
We all have mountains in our lives.
I have this mountain in my life. One that I've been climbing for a while. One that I've stumbled, and fallen back down a few times. One that has, at times, seemed impossible. One that I thought I'd reached the top of... until recently. On Sunday, it felt like this mountain was reappearing before my very eyes. The impossibility of it seemed to be more real than ever. The thoughts running through my head:
-when will this stop?
-will I EVER get over this?
-what's wrong with me?
-why can't I figure it out?
-why can't I just get to the top?
I walked into the Sunday evening service at the Stirring feeling incredibly discouraged and defeated and frustrated and sad and disappointed.
My mountain was too big. Too steep. Too dangerous. Too impossible. Too high. Too much.

The opening lyrics to one of my favorite worship songs goes like this:
"Higher than the mountains that I face, stronger than the power of the grave, constant through the trial and the change, one thing remains..."

It wasn't until the worship team began to play this song that I realized my God is bigger. He's bigger than the BIGGEST mountain that I could ever face. His love is bigger. His strength is bigger. His wisdom is bigger. His power is bigger. It doesn't matter what I face, what my mountain looks like, how long I struggle with this mountain, how huge it seems to me, how many times it reappears, God will always be bigger, and he will never give up on me. He won't ever give up. He won't ever leave my side. My God will see me to the top of my mountain. Every time. Every mountain that I face, he will see me to the top.

The song goes on to say that "his love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me..."
That's one promise I'll hold tightly to tonight. Remembering that no mountain is too great for my God, and that his love NEVER fails me. His love NEVER leaves me. His love will see me to the top of every mountain.

We all have mountains in our lives.
But, the only way to get to the top is to take one step at a time. And trust that God is with you. Every step. He will see you to the top.


Mimi Moseley said...

Oh, yeah! That is so true. Emily, thank you for being transparent for all to see. God uses that to show us that we need each other in family. Many a woman is looking at you as the big sis and seeing you still cling to God in the bad times. So proud of you!

Kiera said...

thanks Emily, this is so true....and sometimes our mountains crumble into deserts and we feel so dry and alone, but God is with us thru the deserts also.

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